Hints & Tips for moving house:

AB Self Storage Containers

  1. If you are storing personal items, choose a unit big enough to allow an area to sort through your effects for urgently needed items.
  2. Pick a mid-week removal day Tuesday or Wednesday, as removal costs are usually cheaper that time of the week.
  3. Make sure that you have adequate insurance cover, for both the move and whilst in storage.
  4. If hiring a self-drive hire van, seek advice about the size of vehicle you will need. Remember, legally you may have to vacate your old home by 12 noon and if you are late vacating you could be faced with the removal overrun costs of the new owners.
  5. Make sure that you have ample packing materials.
  6. Reserve a parking space for the removal vehicle out side of your home.
  7. If using a removal company, keep your kettle available. Removal men function better with hot tea inside them!
  8. If storing perishable items over a longer period, we recommend the use of our de-humidity packs.

Hints & tips for business users:

  1. If you are storing archives, ask us to provide racking in your room, to make better use of the space.
  2. If storing archives or commercial goods, ask us about managing your archives or stocks and the cost of regular redelivery back to your business premises.

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