Self Storage


AB Self Storage is located at Broughton Grounds Business Park, which is close to Milton Keynes and Junction 14 on the M1 and provides seure self storage services for Home or Business for the surrounding area of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

What is ‘Self Storage’?
Self Storage is when you rent your own individual storage space at our facility for your own use. Whilst renting a unit the space is yours – you keep in it what you want (within our Terms…). You can rent units for as little as one week, or as long as you like.

Why might you need Self Storage?
House moves. Store your furniture and belongings between homes when moving house, or to help sell an uncluttered house.
Flexible warehousing. Instead of committing your business to fixed, long term warehousing which is never the ‘perfect’ amount of space, use storage units as flexible warehousing or for overflow during seasonal peaks with only a weekly commitment on each unit. This has the added advantage of having space without the rates…
Occasional use items. For those items that don’t get used very often, but which get in the way in between times ( e.g. exhibition equipment, classic cars).

The size of our Self Storage units.
We have two sizes of unit: 150 sq ft and 105 sq ft. The 150 sq ft unit easily holds the contents of an average 3 bedroom house.

Rental cost
Full costs and discounts on our ‘prices & sizes’ page.

Security is the most important aspect of our service.
We use individual steel units with integral 28mm marine plywood floors. Security padlocks are housed in a tamperproof shroud. The units are very secure and totally weatherproof. You are the sole key-holder to your unit.

In addition our secure self storage facility is covered by intruder detection and recording C.C.T.V. cameras. Access to the unit compound is by authorised pin number entry only.

Access to your belongings.
You can visit your unit as often as you like, during our opening hours of 7.000 am to 7.00 pm weekdays and 7.00 am to 1.00 pm Saturdays. Extended hours can be arranged.

Drive your vehicle to your unit door!
You can get a car, van or truck right to your unit door so you can unload straight into your unit and minimise the carrying you have to do.

Insurance of your belongings is a condition of our rental. We can provide an insurance option if you do not have alternate arrangements. Please ask for details.

Renting a unit is very easy and hassle free.

You can usually turn up and rent a unit on the spot by completing our simple Rental Agreement, but to be sure of availability please book in advance. We will need a small deposit and rental in advance. Payment can be by cash, cheque, credit card or standing order.

Forklift hire can be arranged.  
Forklift can store direct into your unit.